Sunday, October 10, 2010

Order of a Kind

All better now.............I have some kind of order again..... All of those baskets next to the wall have tops to be made.............. And three quilts going on the design wall.

The one that I am working on right now is the first month of Our Quilting Heritage.

How lovely it is to have my cutting table back again with my scrap containers under it. That is Bonnie Hunter's system and it is wonderful. The smaller drawers on top are for the scraps from my CW Repro fabrics. When I need some strips to finish a project I can usually find them in this scrap section.

Wall three........ These drawers contain notions and kits for quilts. There are many quilt tops in the making hidden here too.

This is the Field Desk where my dear Duchess resides. She does all of my piecing for me.

And a view of the other room where I hope to learn to machine quilt......... The table is all ready and surrounded by tops. The tops in the basket on the right are layered and ready to be quilted. The stacks under the window are tops with backing that need batting and to be layered.

On the stool there is a table runner that is almost machine quilted, a top that has the center quilted but not the borders and one quilt that needs the binding attached.

Now next time you want to go online and order another project or when you visit your local quilt shop and see the Latest Thing that everyone else is doing.......... consider this. I know that I have more than I will finish in many years and that on occasion we all need something new to refresh our muse but in the future I will try to finish at least two projects before BUYING anything new. Just to be clear. If something comes along that I want to try and I have the materials on hand for that project I can go right ahead but as to purchases, they will be on a need to finish only basis unless two have been completed.....................

Let's see how long that last.................VBG


  1. Anonymous1:40 PM

    How is your wall board constructed? I would love to do something like this but have no idea how to go about building it. Any advise would be great. Love your projects and I too am a huge believer in the plastic see through bins. They save me as I don't throw anything out. Hugs. tammy

  2. Great room! I have things to finish too and I can never seem to find the time...I need to take your approach to buying, but there's always something calling my name...

  3. There's something about a clean and organised room! It creates good feng-shui for more creating? LOL!!

    Good idea about finishing a couple of quilts before purchasing more fabric.

  4. Wonderful room all neat and tidy! Thanks for sharing.

    :) Carolyn

  5. I too wonder how you made your design wall? And also what kind of machine is your dear duchess - is that a featherweight like mine I wonder? Wonderful clean sewing room how long will it last :)

  6. Your sewing area looks wonderful. I went into a friend's sewing room this week, and she had the same design wall that you do. She said her husband just cut the sheets with his knife and put them in the car. Then he duct taped them when they got home. So I think if I can figure out which wall to use I'm going to see if my hubby will help me find some. Great idea.


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