Monday, October 04, 2010

I finally did get 25 things out of the garage........ Part went to the transfer station today. Part will go to a thrift store later this week. Part (a small part) were put where they will live now in the house. Perhaps next weekend I can pack a dish pack or two of the things in the garage that need to be packed for the move.

I never did get the quilt basted. Maybe I can get it finished this week. I need to get it done so I can get my cutting table put back in place. I need to get my studio cleared out a bit and organized. That can be almost as much fun as sewing..........

I have beef barley soup in the crock pot for dinner tonight. They had beef roast on sale a few weeks ago for 99 cents a pound. We have had roast beef twice and there is just enough left for soup. It has turned colder here so it will be a good meal to have on a cool evening.

More quilting done on the baby quilt. I will need to mark a bit more so that I can quilt tonight.


  1. Anonymous12:55 PM

    How does one start doing block of the month when it's already begun? I'd love to join in with others. Your blog is delightful but dang if it doesn't make me seriously hungry then I want to hunker down with a quilt on the couch. hehe. Tammy

  2. Yesterday I made hungarian goulash, but my camera was upstairs so I didn't photo it and post. If you take some roast beef and just put a lot of thinly sliced onions and a bit of water and spice on it, it cooks down to a nice broth,and it is all good served over noodles. Your soup sounds good for tonight. I hope you have some of the bread left to have with it.

  3. How come your meals sound so much better than ours?!?!?!?


    Tks for posting stuff 'bout food and quilting - them's 2 of my favorite things! *still grinning*


  4. I made soup tonight too, a real sign of fall....That bread of yours sure looks tasty.

  5. Great Quilts, Great Recipes, am impressed :))

  6. Hi Suzy Just stopped by to drop you a line and hope and pray that things are well by you. Everything is good here. The weather is just beautiful. I wish I could say I am working as hard as you but I am not. Please tell Lem that I love the jokes keep sending them to us. We miss you and wish you everything that you want for yourselves. Claudia and Bob


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