Sunday, October 03, 2010

Bake Muffins

Bake Bread

And while I was in the kitchen I thought I would try a French Onion soup recipe that a friend shared this past week............ It came from The Pioneer Woman. The hardest part was slicing the onions.

Then to add a few more ingredients............. She has a play by play account on her blog.

She calls for French bread to be toasted and placed on top. Since my fresh bread came out of the oven at the same time as the onions did it could cool while the soup was finishing. Then a couple of thick slices topped with cheese..........

The perfect Saturday dinner when the weather is getting cold. I thought the price was right because we will get two meals out of it.

That just leaves the last two items on the list. I really do not think I will make it but I will give it a try. No I will not take a before and after picture of the garage. My mother would haunt me....

Baste First Green Star Quilt.

Remove 25 items from the garage that do not belong there.


  1. Oh, yum-yummy! Looks like you have made quite a dent in your list of things to do - best of luck with the last two items - have fun ;o)

  2. The soup looks very tasty! I have been to the Pioneer Woman's blog - I quite enjoy her blog.

    I have 2 Lori Smith Sampler quilt patterns that I am saving to make one day with all my civil war scraps left over from my various projects. I also have two patterns of her's that are the small little quilt.

  3. Jean M.7:42 PM

    Hi Susan... I can sure smell all the wonderful aroma's here.... I just made French Onion Soup the other day... Home made bread would of been great with it...Yummy... :)

  4. You've been really busy with all that quilting and cooking! Nice work.


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