Thursday, September 23, 2010


and I am already making list of things to get done........

Several weeks ago I sent an email to the salesman for the office supply company we use asking for his best price on another table for my studio. He was kind enough to offer a used one for FREE....
and he delivered it this week. It is a really nice heavy one and doesn't have a scratch anywhere on it. That means I will have two 5 foot tables to put together for basting. That is so much better. I put them in the upstairs bedroom and this weekend I plan to begin basting two more quilts. I hope to baste one of the green quilts and to finish adding the sashing to "The Road Less Traveled" and get it basted. I will have used up all of the batting I have on hand and since I can't get more right now I will be forced to stop putting off learning to machine quilt. All of my excuses are gone. I have a good machine and now I have a table big enough to handle the quilt top.

As soon as those quilts are basted I can put my cutting table back in place. I am planning to remove a few more projects from the studio. Some are still in the planning stage and some are already begun but there is no place for the eye to rest. I will be making a list of them and I can get them out as soon as I clear the ones I have already begun.

Having spent 2008 and part of 2009 minimizing the items in the living area it is time to begin the same in the studio. It is so easy to keep the house in order and I enjoy that it always looks nice if anyone should stop by. I know that the studio will be a more pleasant place to work if there is little clutter there also. I will not be adding the list of projects to my side bar. It is too long and I refuse to embarrass myself........VBG.....

Easy meals are planned for the weekend and I am going to tackle making baguettes..... This is looking like it will be a fun filled weekend.


  1. Hi Susan... Good luck in machine quilting... Take it slow and I know you can do it...Wow... You now hav your own studio... That is great that you got the table free... Enjoy your weekend... :)

  2. Wonderful to get a table for free...I have a very small house and share my sewing space with my husband...the rom is large and we manage , but a are very lucky to have that!

  3. Sounds like your sewing area is pretty awesome. I finally bit the bullet and got to basting and quilting most of my projects. It is a very good feeling to have them done. I'm not the best at it, but I do enjoy the FMQing and to a certain extent even the basting. Hope that you are enjoying yours.

  4. good luck with the machine quilting - at times I would like to learn and then others say "forget about it" -- if I ever do it might be the quilt as you go method - in pieces.

  5. Susan. As a fairly new quilter, I was very nervous about machine quilting my quilts...but I didn't want to hand quilt...not enough patience for that. I love it quilting my quilts now! The more I do, the more I relax, and the better the quilting looks. Great that you got a table for free! I use the sunroom for sewing and it's always a mess. As is the kitchen table. {grin} Have a great week!


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