Friday, September 10, 2010

Sometime ago there was a Hallmark movie titled "The Magic of Ordinary Days". That phrase seemed to resonate with me. The things we consider ordinary have a soothing continuity. We get into a rhythm and time seems to just go along.

Wednesday night things were just flowing along. Lem and I had enjoyed a pleasant evening watching television. We don't really watch much... I stitch or knit and he computes or 'rests his eye' by closing them. When he 'rests his eyes' he sometimes exercises his nasal passages and makes alarming noises so I an not sure it is just his eyes that are resting.

Ten o'clock came along and we headed to bed. I was finishing a few things in the kitchen when the phone rang. We all know that a phone call that late is usually not a good thing. This call was no exception. I was being called with the news that my employer had passed. I have been in this job for 14 years. He was a perfectionist and I am not that detail oriented so it was not the best fit but we have had a working relationship for a long time.

I have been asked to keep the office going for the next few weeks and after that I will join the ranks of the unemployed.

Then our days will develop a new rhythm and once again we will enjoy for a time "The Magic of Ordinary Days".


  1. Hi Susan... So sorry to hear about your boss... sorry that I could't chat long, but I was cashing out... I hope your unemployment last till you sell your house... My heart and prayers are with you... :)

  2. Sorry to hear about your loss and your job loss as well. My company was sold last November and I lost my job of 25 years. It was worrisome at first but I am happy to be home.I am trying to start my own business on Etsy. We are is just the two of us to worry about.

  3. I am just so sorry for your loss...those late night calls are never any good. I guess we need to enjoy each ordinary day!!


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