Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Saturday I finally finished the baby quilt. It is now ready for quilting. I am not removing it from the list until it is in the mail to the new mother.

Then in spite of saying earlier that I would finish the last embroidery in the basket first I decided to fill it up again for evenings of stitching pleasure. There were a few gifts I wanted to make and some other UFO's that needed moving along toward the finish line.

The first one in the basket is the Country Cousin blocks that I want to add a few embroidery stitches to.

A pincushion with a matching wee cup that is months waiting for completion.

A couple more dishcloths that I uncovered needing the ends run..........

I am taking this apart and doing it again. It is not sewn straight and is annoying to look at. I want to hang it this fall so I am having another go at finishing it correctly.

Six placemats that need to be appliqued..................

And four dishtowels to be stitched.

Not to forget that I have knitted up the loose yarn and now can tuck this pair of socks into the sock sack that Peg made for me.

Several nights of pleasure all packed up in my basket.


  1. Jean :)2:16 PM

    Hi Susan.. WOW!!!! You have been busy.... I love the colors on the drooping daisies... You have so much going on, but it is a good thing... This way you get a break from one project... :)

  2. My goodness, girl, you have really been busy! I love both colorways on the socks. What's the yarn? Sorry about your job; maybe that means your house is about to sell?


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