Friday, September 03, 2010

In the morning I can usually get some machine sewing done upstairs. Or prep a few things to go into the handwork basket to work on in the evenings.

Last night I finished the last few rows of the last sock. Now I have another pair complete.

I finished running the ends of this dishcloth that was completed who knows when all but that.

Now there is one lone embroidery item left in the basket. It was left in the basket the last time so I do not plan to stock the basket until this embroidery is completed.

There was a pair of socks that I had begun and had about 4 inches complete on one of them but I did not like the way it was looking so I pulled it out and now I am going to make a pair of Just Plain Socks with this yarn. I think the pattern would show more on a more solid color sock yarn so I will use that pattern later. Tonight I will have to knit quickly to get the yarn knitted up so that it doesn't become tangled.

This morning I finished Block Two of the Raggedy Ann Quilt..........

And cut out the borders for the baby quilt..............

I hope to get the baby quilt all ready for quilting this weekend.... We shall see.........


  1. I love that dishcloth pattern, I've made it many times, it is great to do while watching tv to keep the hands busy.

    I see that you have finished the socks in the yarn that I also used for socks - yours turned out much better!

  2. Love your socks! What a perfectly turned heel. You do lovely work.
    Your Raggedy blocks are wonderful. I am tempted to go check it out! lol
    /;- )

  3. You are one busy woman! I have spent all morning in the it's time to get to work inside!

  4. Jean M. :)3:07 PM

    Hi Susan... I just love the socks that you made... They are very luscious... It is hard to believe that you already got block two done on the Raggedy Ann block... The materials are wonderful... I also love the colors that you are using for the baby quilt ... can't wait to see it finished.... :)

  5. Love the color of those socks!

  6. That dishcloth pattern is the first thing that I knit, and I've made it many times over. It even makes a nice baby blanket pattern. I just love those socks. What great colors!!!!

  7. socks are looking good. I haven't knit any since last year -- don't need wool socks when it is 100 degrees in the shade. Glad fall is here.


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