Sunday, August 15, 2010

Not much sewing done this weekend. I did finish the Third of Three Star Quilts. Now to get them layered and quilted.

This is a picture of the other half of the bedroom I have been using for taking pictures of quilts.

The four WB Mason boxes you see along with the air mattress and bedspread are going to become a make believe bed.

The rest of the boxes will be repacked and moved to another location.

View Two of the room.............

And view three

Well, here it is. The boxes were unpacked and some items were placed in the WB Mason boxes. I blew up the air mattresses and put them on top of the four boxes. Some items were placed in the plastic bags you draw the air out of and placed under the bed. The remaining things were put in the studio to be completed this winter. I put the vacuum cleaner away and now the room looks much better.

Still one sewing machine here but there is not room in the studio for both machines......... At least not at the moment. One never knows what will happen around here.

I spent Saturday getting this room cleaned and ready. Sunday was spent downstairs getting that part cleaned and polished. We had people looking at the house this morning and someone is coming on Wednesday morning.

Lem and I have a Really Clean house to enjoy this week and maybe I will get to put in a stitch or two.

I am still waiting for my flannel to be delivered so that I can get my design board done. Perhaps I will get the last block of my Jan Patek quilt done and I can put it on the design wall.


  1. Hi Susan... What a lovely quilt top and I just love the color combination you used... You are still amazing... Lovely job on the house... :)

  2. Just found your blog and am trying to decide if you are staging to sell the house or are fixing up your new one. Either way I love the photo of the quilt on the end of the bed. Looks nice.


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