Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Here they are........................ All THIRTEEN star blocks for the second green quilt. Now I know how much background fabric is left (very little) I can finish this quilt and the first green quilt. That will be my upstairs focus project until they are complete.

We are having company coming the end of this week. Both children are coming for four days. As you might remember, my dishwasher died in January. We discovered that the delivery and installation was as much than the dishwasher so we waited. Jason will be able to install it for us so we are having one delivered on Friday. After that project is complete we will be spending our time just hanging out. There has even been talk of an entire day in the beach................

So many nice things are happening in Blogland. Crazy Mom Quilts, Patchwork Times and The Painted Quilt all have wonderful offerings to keep us occupied.

While I would enjoy participating right now I am going to put those on hold. I want to finish as many projects as I can that are already begun. I have blocks hanging in the closet that need to be finished. The green quilts will soon be finished and the peach one will be up next, then I will see what the closet has to offer.


  1. HUH?

    *scratching her head*

    You hang your UFO's in your closet?!?!?

    I hide mine in pizza boxes!


    LOVE the green, starry quilt, BTW!!!


  2. Hi Susan... I just love the blocks.. Each one is beautiful... Boy, all those unfinished projects... So much to do and so little time... Have a wonderful time with your children and just relax and enjoy life... :)

  3. Very pretty starry blocks! I especially love the colors you chose...I too hang my quilt tops in the closet.

  4. What a great way to store your unfinished quilts, and no wonder you get them finished so quickly! It can't be as easy to forget them as it is when they are tucked into a drawer like mine are..... Have fun with your kids!

  5. The stars all shine in their own right - great job on the blocks. It is so tempting to pick up the new projects, but ohhhhhh have to resist.

  6. What a GREAT way to store your blocks!

  7. Hanging the blocks together on skirt hanagers - great idea! Mine are stuffed into grocery bags!

  8. I got a bit confused while looking at your green starry quilt, at the position of the yellow squares. 'Why had she put them only on one side of the block?' Then I realised - they're labels to keep the blocks in order! What a twit!

  9. What a great idea to hang up your projects and keep them wrinkle-free!


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