Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Well, our guest have arrived. It was wonderful to see some family again. Left to right is Lem (spouse), his sister Teresa, his brother Becton, and Becton's wife, Jane. They drove all the way up here from North Carolina just to visit us.

It has been delightful.............

I took the girls upstairs to show them the studio and some of my quilt tops. I pulled out one bag and after they were viewed I just dropped them where they were. The girls wanted to help fold them but I am going to make a list of what is in that bag for future reference first. I can so that after they are gone. Right now I just want to enjoy every minute I can with them.


  1. Hi Susan... It is great that you all got to visit... Lem's brother looks like him... I hope all the woman love your work in progress... Enjoy your time with them... I hope they stayed awhile... :)

  2. You are so smart to enjoy every minute! Your crazy quilt over your couch is just gorgeous.


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