Monday, June 28, 2010

This weekend I needed to help Lem with a few things so I did not get all three blocks prepped as I had hoped. I did get them all traced onto interfacing.
Since I had the pattern enlarged I had to tape all the pieces together.

Some of them required being traced on the wrong side so that I could turn it over.

Then put the interfacing on the design and trace it.

Pin the interfacing to the fabric.

Baste it in place along the top.

Color selection is the next step.

Then using post it notes mark each stack and put it to one side till I am ready to cut it.

Using bias bars I made my stems.

Then traced each piece of the design onto freezer paper.

For the circles I selected the template from my Perfect Circles. Then you can run a basting thread around the outside, draw it up around the Perfect Circle and press.
Iron the freezer paper onto the correct fabric.

Mark around each piece with an Ultra Fine Sharpie.

Here it is........One block ready to stitch.

I even managed to get the May Thangles blocks done.
Maybe during the week I can find an hour or two to get upstairs to finish the June blocks and prep the other two Country Cousin blocks.


  1. Hi Susan... As you know I did this block already... I love the colors that you chose.... I know it is a lot of work...But, the end results are wonderful... Keep up the great job... Hugs and Stitches... :)

  2. Love those pillow cases! Interesting post, too.

  3. Thanks for showing your process - something I want to try.


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