Monday, March 08, 2010

This is my Monday Design Floor. Just look at the progress on my one of two Green Quilts. Just a little bit done at the odd moments I am able to sew and one day it will be done.

As to the sitting downstairs and watching TV stitching, I stitched part one of three parts of the Tulip in place and this morning I added part two of three. I can get them stitched in place tonight and then continue with my stitchery from Kaaren at the Painted Quilt. I worked on the stitchery also. It is coming along nicely. I am just not sure yet how I plan to finish it. Perhaps it will tell me when I am finished.

The realtor called to cancel the showing on Sunday. You would think that meant more time to sew but alas that was not the case.

Judy at Patchwork Times has gotten me started making my own bread. It is wonderful. I made two loaves this weekend and now have enough in the freezer for a week and a half. I made three batches of dog food for the darlings.

Judy also posted a hand cream recipe. Yes, I tried it. It is grand. The only hand cream for me from now on.

I even made a cheese spread for us to enjoy in the evenings. I have meals cooked ahead in the refrigerator and it is a good thing too. My hours have increased at work and I will be getting home later each day. On the whole it was a wonderful weekend spent at home with the light of my life.............oh and the dogs too of course.


  1. Your green quilt is very, very pretty! Judy posts lots of fun things on her site, doesn't she! Have a happy Monday! :)

  2. Very nice green quilt coming growing there!
    Judy is a bad influence on us, eh??
    I am tempted to try that hand cream too since the skin on my thumb has split and is very sore :(

  3. I love your green blocks. They are progressing really nicely and the piecing is looking good. Keep up the great work!

  4. love the cool colors of your green quilt and the applique is lovely too

  5. Just visited your blog...your work is inspiring.Enjoyed my visit

  6. I love the green quilt - very pretty! I havent tried Judy's handcream, but I really should. Have a great evening


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