Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today I have a few ALMOST DONE items to show. This should be a biscornu pincushion. Peg is going to loan me a long needle so that I can get the button on the bottom and top sewn all the way through. So that is put aside till after Friday morning.

This is the first Buckshot pincushion. The pattern calls for a button on top and I think I need something to put on the bottom. Not really sure here. I tried a button but I wasn't happy with the way it looked. I really need to find my glue gun and just glue the button on top and a piece of felt on the bottom. No hurry here, I do have a few more to turn and stuff.

And this morning I got the last eight setting blocks one step closer to being complete. At this rate I might even have something for my design floor on Monday.


  1. Hi Susan... I just love the two pincushions... Instead of felt on the bottom... Try the no-skid rubber sheets ... I am not sure of the name but, it is the material that I used under the pincusion that I gave you for Christmas... It works great... You are just moving on with the green squares.. Can't waite to see it finished... :)

  2. I love pincushions, but have never tried to make any. Yours are adorable and look very usable, too.
    Looking forward to seeing the results on your design floor.


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