Monday, January 11, 2010

This weekend I decided to have desert first. Instead of sewing after everything was done downstairs I chose to stitch first and do the house blessing later.

I had finished my stitchery from First Friday Freebie and wanted to get it made into a pillow. But first I had to finish the last few quilting stitches on this quilt so I could use the Janome since The Duchess is set for piecing only.

Then I had to push things aside long enough to get enough space on the cutting table to cut the binding and trim the quilt.

Binding sewn on and ready to turn and stitch in place. This is a small quilt. About 42 x 42. I call it a Nancy Quilt because Nancy showed me the block. So easy to make from 2 1/2 strips. A great leader-ender.

And here is my wee pillow. I checked in BOB (box of blocks) and found some HST's left from making this quilt and added them to the border of my pillow. It looks so nice there in the chair in the living room. Even if it does not exactly go with the color scheme of the room I still like its seasonal touch.

Perhaps I could have stuffed it a bit more but I wanted a softer pillow.

And here is my first Nancy Quilt on the back of my new to me chair.

So before leaving for work this morning I have the bed made, the dishes all washed, the house in order and supper is already cooked. We will have the final chapter of a chicken casserole from last week. I have bread in the freezer, yogurt for the rest of the week and I am making another batch of food for the darlings.


  1. I love that blue and white quilt and the pillow is the perfect touch with it!

  2. Jean M. :)11:54 AM

    Susan... What a wonderful job on the pillow... How creative you are... It goes well with the quilt in that chair... Nancy's quilt is beautiful... It looks great on your chair...How festive your room must look with all the quilts... You are quite an insperation.. :)

  3. Hi Susan,

    The nancy quilt looks like a simple pattern, do you happen to have a pattern? We are looking for simple ones for the Linus project this year.

  4. I really like the pillow. Snowmen are my THING!

  5. OH my! I LOVE, LOVE your quilts! I especially love the blue! We are about to redo the bedroom and are (lol, i think...) going to go with blues and white!
    Wow, you are industrious! As ever :-)
    I don't know if you ever got my email addy...should be on the sidebar of my blogs, I'll double check!
    God Bless

  6. clicked over from the Painted Quilt's link ;)

    Love your pillow you made - too cute using those HSTs around the border. ;) I don't know if you wash your pillows, but if you don't - my grandmother use to use grocery plastic bags to stuff hers. I remember them being very soft and when I laid my head on them I loved hearing the sound it made inside... helped to drown out the sounds of the room so I could nap after Easter dinner and Christmas dinners at her home ;)

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  7. Your pillow turned out so cute! You do beautiful work.


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