Monday, October 05, 2009

Where Did the Weekend Go?

It was used up in cooking and resting. I have most of the cooking done for the week. That should free up a little time for sewing but for the past several days I have been unable to leave the nice warm bed and go upstairs to sew. Not lazy, not really tired but the sun is not up yet and I tend to rise when the sun begins to shine. A good thing I do not live in countries that have loooong nights.............

I haven't been upstairs to the studio since Wednesday morning. I have an agenda to accomplish downstairs first. I want to get the house really spic and span before the bad weather sets in. There is also the winter/summer clothes swap to make.

I have tried to make sure I spend at least 30 minutes each day working on this quilt. It all began in 1989 with this book:

There was a fabric shop near the office and I decided to learn to quilt. This was it......... None of the seams are correct. If I had known then what I know now I would have done a much better job of trimming the excess. Boy was I off track.......... Then after it was all done, I sent it off to be basted. When it came back I trimmed it down and put the binding on. Then I decided I would quilt it....... Every few years I would pick it up and work on it till I decided that I would never finish it and put it aside again.

Recently I finished the nine patch quilt that I want to sit under this winter. I tried to machine quilt it but it is too heavy. It drags in my machine. After taking out all the stitching I had put in that was not done well I realized that hand quilting was the only option. That meant finishing this quilt first. I had the center complete except for the blocks on the outside. The star is the hardest part to quilt because it is not just a straight line. I am quilting it 1/4 (more or less) from each seam. This morning I turned the corner and I only have two sides of stars left. Then I will need to go back and do the strips.

I am such a beginner. I am just finally getting comfortable sitting at the frame.

There is a possibility that I might get this quilt finished this winter.

Since it had the binding on it and it was well basted there were a few times in sheer desperation that we have slept under this quilt. What a lesson this has been.

This is my basket of yarn. I found several skeins downstairs and put them in this basket to make caps and mittens. One skein was huge so I began a shawl using it. Some days I need to knit and some days i need to stitch. I keep both on hand just in case.


  1. What a wonderful quilt! Another blogger and I were saying today...just get it done, it does not have to be perfect. Good enough! And it truly is lovely, by the way. Your yarn basket looks so warm and inviting.

  2. This is a test to make sure I got the no-reply turned off.

  3. I loved seeing the photos of your hand quilting project. Enjoy!


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