Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Events

Since there was an open house, Lem and I spent Saturday and Sunday morning getting ready. We move a lot slower these days so it takes us longer.

I also worked on the Great Clothes Swap. We decided to only get out part of our winter clothes. We have more than we really need so I thought we would select exactly what we thought would get us through the winter and that is all I got out.

Then we rode around for two hours while our home was open to strangers. The weather was wondrous and we got some great pictures of Pleasant Bay in Orleans.

The tide was out.
and some people were clamming for supper

I sure would not want to pay the heating bill on the house on the hill.

After we got home I made pumpkin bread using Judy's recipe. I gave a loaf to our New Jersey neighbors. They are here for a few days.

The other one I kept for us. I hope to have a slice with a cup of tea when I get home.


  1. Nice photos, Suze. That pumpkin bread looks yummy; I've seen lots of pumpkin recipes lately and may just have to get busy and make something myself!

  2. Lovely photos and it looks like you are having lovely weather - we are having 40's and rain here. The pumpkin bread looks sooooo yummy


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