Friday, October 09, 2009

The Weekend Cometh

and I have big plans. Probably a longer list than can possibly be accomplished but we will try. We are having another open house on Sunday afternoon. Lem and I keep telling ourselves that this might be the one that finds a buyer. Being Columbus day weekend this is really the last good opportunity till next year, but we are prepared to hunker down for another winter here with the promise of spring. That means the house will need to be clean and since I have been spending my time sewing and reading and resting I will have to get things done. The lists are made. I am a big list maker…….. I have a list of what needs to be done on Saturday. A list of the errands for Saturday afternoon and a list of things we can do on Sunday for the two hours we are out of the house. I am even hoping to get a few stitches done and maybe get some pictures taken so next week I will have something to report.

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  1. sending you lots of positive thoughts for a successful showing.


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