Friday, October 02, 2009


Recently we have been overwhelmed with unexpected expenses. Many of them major. It appeared that perhaps things were getting back on track when another problem arose.

Let me begin by saying that my dear husband is always trying to save. Usually it cost more in the long run when he becomes determined to save.

We had the brakes fixed on his car. There was one more thing the mechanic said needed to be checked but it was not major BUT........ The little clamp that held the battery in place was gone and we needed to see a welder to have it fixed.

Lem called a welder. During what is normal business hours. But we live on Cape Cod where people tend to work when they want to and some people don't want to very much. He left a message but the welder never called him back. Again this is normal on Cape Cod. Lem then decided to get a boat battery box and use that instead of having something welded. He drove to Chatham, got the box and brought it home. It would not fit. Then he decided that perhaps a battery tray would be better. He went back to Chatham to exchange the box for the tray. Last Saturday we tried to get the tray in place to hold the battery. One of the bolts holding the battery was too tall and kept the hood from closing. Remembering the premise that twist ties will fix anything that duct tape will not, he got a long piece of twist tie and managed to get it all held together and the hood closed.

Monday morning he called the mechanic to make arrangements to get that last little thing fixed. They said to drop it off that afternoon or evening and they could look at it on Tuesday. When I got home from work and had a wee rest we went out to take his car to the mechanic. It would not start......... We jumped it.............. It would not start.......... Oh well, that is why we have AAA.

I called them to make arrangements to have it towed to the mechanics and then began fixing supper. Lem moved my car to make it easier to get to his car. He also left it out of gear so it would be ready. Sad to say the emergency brake did not hold as well as he had hoped. Mainly because he forgot to put it on.

Yes, the car rolled down the hill and into the large rhoddy that we have in our front yard.

It isn't as big as it once was. The tow truck operator was able to extricate the car from the bush. The car sustained just a few minor scratches. The minor repair turned out to be another LARGE expense but other wise all is well.

It is getting colder here and I did not go upstairs to sew for several days now. Perhaps this weekend I can get some sewing time in.


  1. oh my goodness - sounds like a I Love Lucy type day.

  2. I guess from everyone's point of view except maybe the hydrangea it's good the car got stopped! Hope the rest of your weekend is less eventful....

  3. Oh wow!! Glad the bush stopped it (bet the bush probably isn't glad:))


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