Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Design Floor/Wall

I know I was supposed to do this on Monday but life interfered. Since my design wall is too small I have to use the floor. After the picture was taken I managed to get three sides sewn together. I have enjoyed making this quilt. But then I always enjoy Judy's designs because they are so easy to follow.

Now this is what is on the design wall. I have been working on Bunny Hill's Tisket Tasket BOM and at the same time I have been working on Leanne's House. I enjoyed Leanne's House so much that it seemed natural to incorporate her method of making blocks into my Tisket Tasket quilt.

I actually found some graph paper and tried to come up with a design. This is it.

Now I am in the process of embroidery and assembly. This project will move slowly because I am no artist. I can only trace things. I am pleased to have my drawers with 1 1/2 inch strips to pull from when I begin to assemble the rest of this block.


  1. Your blue freeze frame ("frozen frame" since it is turning blue LOL) is great!

  2. I just love Freeze Frame in blue. I think that this is my favourite one. I can't wait to see the finished product.


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