Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Couple of Small Steps

I have several handwork projects going at one time. I keep them by my chair downstairs. That way if I run out of specific color of floss for one project I can move on to the next. If the project is applique and I need the light box to place the next piece I can set it aside until I go upstairs the next morning. There are also a few knitting projects in case knitting catches my fancy.

Here is Block Seven in LeAnne's House. I cannot believe that I am so close to the end of the handwork on this project. I have begun Block Eight but Thursday I ran out of green floss and had to put it aside till I could purchase more. I managed to get a skein yesterday and I can get back on that tonight.

Another one in my bag of tricks is Jan Patek BOM for 2008. When I added this to the collection of blocks for this project I realized that I now have FIVE blocks completed.

The old saying "Little and often fills the pot" is true. A few stitches here and there as time allows gets the quilt made. And a few dollars put aside each week and soon you will have enough for a trip to the fabric store.

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  1. I like that old saying!
    You are making progress on lots of projects!


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