Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Two More Borders to Go

This morning I got the HST border sewn. Two more borders to add and this top will be complete. I can add it to my several large bags of quilt tops. Or start putting a bit aside each week to get it quilted..

On Labor Day Julie posted a picture of a fun series she had just started. It is being designed and shared with us by Kaaren of The Painted Quilt. I have a link on my sidebar. It was delightful to stitch and I am delighted to have a finish for September.


  1. Oh NO! Now you've passed me up on the BIFH quilt top....something must be done about this!

    ps, yours is lovely!

  2. Love your 'Fall is in the Air!", Suze. Thanks for sharing it with me. Can you hear my heart singing?

  3. Jean :)9:08 PM

    Hi Sisan... I love this quilt and you did a great job.... I have one question.... Why is two borders have the white next to the brown border and the other two sides have the plaid are next to the brown border? Is it suppose to be that way? I love it any way.. Miss ya :)

  4. I tried to respond to the comment you left on my post about water soluble thread, but you are set to no-reply at blogger:

    It was something I adapted from the machine quilting tarpunto
    books by Hari Walner. Plus, I seemed to have stocked up on it
    for some odd reason. Like fusible, it is best kept in a ziploc bag.

  5. Your stitchery is darling, and thank you for mentioning me! I really like your bear paw, it is truly wonderful and warm in your plaids.


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