Friday, September 04, 2009


While clearing out the garage on Saturday I came across the basket that had my Fruit Hat yarn in it....... I brought it inside to sit with me for a few nights. This past week I was too tired in the evening to do very much other than mindless knitting.

Here is the result............. And the good part is that I used up almost the entire skein of yarn.

There was a one pound skein that I had gotten who knows when or why...... it is a nice deep rose color. I found a shawl pattern on line and cast on that project last night. I already have a few rows done. It will take awhile I am sure.

Oh to report on the chicken from last night. It was fabulous. This recipe is one that I will use for some time to come............... It can be found at:

Now to look for a good beef recipe for the crock pot.

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  1. How cute! A perfect finish for fall!


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