Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sweet Saturday

Here lately my plans are always changed by outside forces........

Right now I have finished Hour Three and I am moving along on Hour Four. I will have Hour Five done easy before Monday. Then I will be right on track to get behind again.

I thought I had finished Hour Five. I should read the instructions instead of just looking at the picture. I did not add the border in the dark background.

Our part dog, part rooster Wade Hamilton gets up when the sun does. He wants to be taken for a walk. Lem and I get up. He walks the dogs and I go upstairs to sew. They all go back to bed for about an hour. Sometimes more, sometimes less. That is my sewing time. When Wade starts to bark again it is time for me to go downstairs and fix their breakfast. Wade will get Honey up too.

I turn on the coffee pot and scramble their eggs. Then I take my coffee and sit and enjoy it for at least 30 minutes. It will be more today.

I have a long list of things that need to be accomplished this weekend. Grocery shopping, dog grooming, laundry, a bit of clearing out and I must get out some warmer clothes as the weather is getting colder.

I would like to get some handwork prepped for stitching in the evenings but that might be on hold. We will see just how the day goes.

I never got anything prepped but I did get another block finished in my Jan Patek 2008 Mystery quilt.

I also got a bit of cooking and cleaning done over the weekend. Read quite a bit and enjoyed being with Lem and Wade and Honey.


  1. Sounds a lot like our Saturdays. That hour of stolen sleep after the dog has been taken care of is so sweet. Hope you can fit in a little time for yourself.

  2. Love the way your QIH quilt is coming along, Suze, and also the blueberry hat/sweater set. I've made that hat lots of times in red and never thought to try blue. Stuck in a rut, I guess, but maybe next time!

  3. Your blue freeze frame is just great!


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