Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ready to Mail

This top is ready to mail to Judy to be quilted.... Well almost. I still have to get the backing ready. Surely I can get that done this weekend. On Monday Judy starts another Hour a Day Quilt.

I am clearing the studio and getting it ready for that adventure. An hour is just about all the time I have for quilting each day so this fits in perfectly.

And here is the little blueberry had with matching sweater that I finally finished for my sister.

Another item to mail on Monday. Also this means a skein of yarn that I will not have to move.

There will be an open house here today so I must go downstairs and get the house in mint condition. Lem and I will do errands while other people look at our house. It is a house now not a home. We don't really live here, we just stay here. All personal items are packed away. I am told that buyers have to imagine themselves living in the house. Sorry, we are just getting weary of the routine........... I know that it will end one day. I just don't know when.


  1. Cute lil blueberry - I bet it will look even cuter on. Your quilt top looks great too.

  2. That is a beautiful quilt top and the baby outfit is so cute.
    I think I arrived on your blog via the hexagon blog.
    I enjoyed my visit :)


  3. I hope one day I can follow patterns to make sweaters, etc. For now I'm still knitting things in straight rows as I learn some skills. I do enjoy it. Your blue sweater and hat are lovely.

  4. I'm playing catch up....I LOVE your quilt and the blueberry! Is that a pattern on ravelry? It is just too adorable.


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