Monday, September 07, 2009

Ready to Mail

The backing is sewn together and this is all ready to mail. I wasn't too sure about this quilt when I added that dark border to it but when I added that last light green border it all came together. The binding is cut and ready to put on the quilt. If I can just not loose it before the quilt is done.

A week from Tuesday is Pickle so I will keep it until after then so that I will have something for show and tell.

I got out my Bears in the Farmyard quilt and began to refresh my memory. The truth is that it is easier to stay with a project till the bitter end than it is to try to remember exactly where you stopped. I also discovered that I failed to print all of the instructions. I am pleased that Judy has them for sale on her blog. She has patterns for sale and some for free. I will be sending this quilt to her for quilting. Every single pattern I have used that Judy designed had given me a quilt I really liked. Every quilt she has quilted for me has been exactly what I liked. And she cooks too................VBG

I did get the basement finished Saturday but yesterday turned into a social day. Lu came over for breakfast after church. She left and I cleaned up the kitchen and then Vickie came for a visit. It was delightful to have two friends stop in for a chat.............

Instead of finishing the garage I am going to see just how much quilting I can get done on my little nine patch.................... I want to have that quilt all finished before Pickle meets. I plan to snuggle under that quilt in the evenings when I am sitting in my chair.


  1. What a gorgeous quilt! It will be to see it when it is quilted...and fun for snuggling.

  2. How pretty! Can't wait to see it quilted.


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