Thursday, September 03, 2009

One More to Go..............

Today's hour was the time I needed to add the final two pieced borders. One more border to go and it is just a small 2 1/2 inch strip.......... Then I will need to prepare the backing to get it ready for quilting............

Then it was time to go downstairs and dive into the day. I fed the children and started assembling my crockpot chicken. It had been marinading overnight. Lem has now turned on the pot for me and tonight we will have that with rice and broccoli.

I just realized that Monday is a holiday............. I am beginning my list of the things I want to accomplish those three days..... It will be a formidable one I am sure..... I hope to finish up some things that have been waiting for some weeks now....... I am feeling better about what is packed and ready to go. Just did not want to get out the winter clothes again but it appears that I might just have to unpack a few of those things.

Time to go to work.......


  1. Still loving it, Suze! Kind of looks like an early fall, doesn't it?

  2. That pieced border is wonderful! So much work too. I usually do plain borders (for obvious reasons--I'm lazy). This is really pretty!


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