Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Weekend

On the whole it was successful............. The best one I have had in months............ My nemesis was gone for most of the time and what was there could be controlled with medication.

We had an open house on Saturday but since we had shown the house on Thursday it was easy to get it ready.

Since I had to clean up my sewing room for the showing it was all ready for me yesterday.

I got all of the blocks printed and traced and ready to stitch for the "Veranda Views" BOM's. I need one more and that kit will be ready to go. Each block is traced and in a plastic sleeve with the instructions

I found these plastic sleeves at Staples and with the secure top it keeps everything clean and fresh.

And here they are in another Staples find. A plastic zipper case that keeps it all together including the thread.

Next I began bringing my Gail Pan BOM's up to date. All done. She says there are nine in the series and I have just prepped block 7.

Being three months behind in preparing my applique blocks for the Tisket Tasket BOM. I got out my BAGS of FABRIC and made the fabric selections for these blocks. I will still need to trace the design and cut out the pieces but at least this much is done.

This was originally one bag of fabric but it was too heavy for me to move so I divided it into two bags.............. Lots of quilts in these bags..............

I decided to make the fabric selection for my Faye Anderson blocks. I have 20 out of 50 completed and the day seemed right to pull the fabrics for those last 30 blocks. I emptied the fabric onto the floor and spent several hours on the floor with the fabric while I made the selections.

Here they are............. All 30 of the remaining blocks............ Ready for the design to be traced onto freezer paper and the applique to begin...........

This morning I placed each page with the fabric into a ziploc bag and all of the bags into a hatbox. Many hours of enjoyment reside in this small space.

Several weeks ago I began a "Nancy Quilt" in Nancy. Our dear Nancy likes the pastel colors of spring. I have very little of that pallet in my studio but I did find some 2 1/2 inch strips for sale at Keepsake Quilts. I ordered the package and began making the block. It is a small quilt so it is only 16 blocks......... I wanted something to be just about the size of the width of fabric..... After the blocks were assembled I took the quilt to Murray's and selected a couple of fabrics for the two borders I wanted......

Here it is. I need to adjust the size of the borders a wee bit so it will fit on a 45 inch width of fabric. I can see many more of these in quilts in my future. They are just the right size to learn to quilt with and would make nice little gifts................


  1. You're way ahead of me on Gail Pan, the bunny baskets and the V V, although I do have the first one almost done. And then you're doing other stuff too......

  2. I just love your organization!

  3. Excellent organization. Interesting stationery supplies you showed.

    What took my interest the most - those two big bags of scraps!!! Something like that in my home would be "to die for" although chocolate rates first!! That would be so much fun, to sit down working through those to pull bits out for the blocks.

    I might have to come and play at your house!!

  4. Gosh you have been busy! I haven't visited your blog in awhile. I like that last pastel quilt very much.

  5. I love using those plastic pages for projects
    keeps me organized...
    oh what fun it must have been to be sitting amongst that pile of fabric!

  6. WOW! You had a terrific day - very productive. I love the idea of the sleeves - and then you wouldn't loose anything.

  7. OH my goodness you are so!
    You have everything ready to work on. One of these days I'm going to be like that!


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