Wednesday, July 15, 2009

January to July

Here it is............. The Double Delight quilt that Bonnie Hunter designed for us in January. I did have to purchase some small pieces of filler fabric but 90 percent of this was fabric I had on hand. Even the backing is a piece I bought because I liked it....... I used to do that more often but mostly I purchase fabric for specific projects. I always by at least 1/2 yard extra just in case I make a wrong cut........... Then I have pieces left. The plan is to organize it on shelves according to color when I set up my studio. Right now it is scattered all through the house. Some in the basement in plastic totes and some upstairs in the studio in zip lock bags with the instructions. I even put a list on the sidebar.

At long last I got the Birthday Siggies ready to mail... They will go in the post today. Unless there is something I have forgotten, all of the projects are finished that were for other people.

Kathy came Monday for her quilt. It took a HUGE load off my back to get that out of here.

Yesterday we went to Boston. I had an appointment for an epidural steroid injection. That is the next step in trying to correct the damage to my spine from my fall 10 years ago. Who knew it would be such a problem now. It keeps me from doing as much sewing as I would like but perhaps we can get it resolved and move forward in better shape and get more stitching done.


  1. Wow! It's awesome and just sparkles!

  2. The DD quilt looks great! it really is a nice quilt design! how nice to find your blog!

  3. The Double Delight is a delight. My hubby gets those shots about 2-3 times a year. Hope it works for you.

  4. Your double delight is beautiful great color choices.


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