Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another Project Preperared

Several years ago............. probably 5............. I began a Grandmother's Flower Garden.

This was when I first began quilting and had only fabric leftover from garment projects. After getting those cut up and ready to assemble I began to stop at Murray's each week and pick up fat quarters to make more. I had my design planned. I wanted to cut a border and applique the quilt to it so I would not have to cut any of the hexagons in half. I purchased the border fabric, binding fabric and backing.

Finally last year I got out the box of finished flowers and finished making the ones needed to complete the quilt.

One day Vickie and I laid them all out on her HUGE queen size cutting table. We marked them on the back and I brought them home to assemble.

I needed to cut the fabric and freezer paper for the pathway blocks and that was taking more time than I liked. Last week I finished stitching the binding on the last quilt I had ready and being in need of a 'sit at night project' I began a pair of socks.

One sock is done and one is half way finished. I am not as interested in the socks as I once was so for the last several days I have been cutting out the fabric for the pathways.

Than nice little box contains the rows ready to stitch and assemble. I will work on the sock at least one hour a day until it is done but the rest of my evening stitching will be on the GFG.

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  1. What a lovely quilt in the making Suze !!
    I am looking forward to see more of it :-)


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