Saturday, March 14, 2009


No, I can't think of a snappier, wittier title for this post.

Tried to sleep in this morning but the children would not cooperate. Gave up at 6:30 and went upstairs.

Thursday I had selected my fabric for the March Tisket Tasket block. I am getting the fabric from "The Bag". That means I pour out the fabric and pick around until I find what I like. Sewing time came to an end so I left it on the floor and went downstairs to dress for work.

Naturally the realtor called me at work about 12:30 to tell me that someone wanted to see the house at 2:30. Told the boss that I had to go home for a bit and dashed out the door. Lem and I managed to get the show towels in place, put the show bedspread on the bed, vacumm, mop the kitchen and put away all of our toys. The children and their beds are put in the car. I headed back to work and he went to Fort Hill to watch the boats. It would be nice if we got a decent offer on the house.

That means the house blessing is done for this week. I might get some cooking ahead done today and of course some sewing.

This morning I prepped my Tisket Takset Block and my Gail Pan Block. When the timer goes off I will go back upstairs to finish my Farmyard Bears blocks and move on to part 4. Maybe there will be a picture later today. Maybe not.


  1. You must do flylady!!! I do too. I am just assuming that since you use a timer and do a home blessing. Hope you sell the house!

  2. I do flylady too, home blessing indeed! Wow, you got a lot done a a short amount of time. Hope you get a wonderful offer on your home.

  3. Have a nice weekend, Suze. I finally finished the GP block 1, running behind again.


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