Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Anniversary

It is hard to believe but we have been married for 45 years...... Imagine that.

It has been a fraught two weeks. Things really busy at the office leaving me unable to even move much when I get home. I will be pleased when the health issues are taken care of so I can resume a more normal life.

I just could not let this day pass without some acknowledgement. I have been stitching but not much to show for it right now.


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Love the roses - very pretty.

  2. Susan...Happy Anniversary to you and Liem.... It is great that you two were married for 45 years...I love the roses... Miss you....Love Jean M.:)

  3. Congratulations, Suze! Good job!
    Pretty rose, too.

  4. Congratulations! We'll hit 45 in October - hard to believe. blessings, marlene

  5. You've been busy and are way ahead of me on your BOM blocks. Happy Anniversary! (you're ahead on that too by 1 year :>) Hope you had a nice celebration.


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