Saturday, February 28, 2009


Today we had rain.... The perfect day to stay in and enjoy being at home with Lem. I actually sewed...........

I finished some blocks for several BOM's and prepped work for stitching each evening. I even got some progress made on my Joan Surprise....... I sure hope I get that project completed before Friday morning.

Last Wednesday morning I realized that I had to have my 192 HST's done by March 1st for Judy's Quilt Along.

I chose to use Thangles for making my HST's..... I am really liking Thangles.

Voila, just a few hours and here they are. All 192......

How pleased I am that I have tried a few things suggested by designers that give us those wonderful challenges online.

Judy taught me to move my ruler off the 1/4 mark and cut something 1/8. From Bonnie Hunter I learned to use the Easy Angle. Both lessons were of great value with some of my BOM's today.

Dinner is almost ready and tonight Lem and I will sit and watch TV......... He will be online and I will be stitching.........

The back is being cranky right now but perhaps tomorrow will be better.


  1. Nice going on the HSQ. I just love Nancy's quilt in an earlier post. A star in a star - how cool is that!

  2. What do you mean "move the ruler off the 1/4 mark"? blessings, marlene


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