Monday, February 23, 2009

Saturday Sewing Society

Here we are at Saturday Sewing Society. Time to put our stitching aside and enjoy the fellowship of breaking bread together.

It is always a grand time when we gather. More that quilting information is exchanged.

I found a better dog food for our dogs and Judy shared a pattern that I had been looking for.

Nothing is better than being with friends. I will confess that I get little sewing done on those Saturday gatherings. I am accustom to working alone and I seem to be unable to focus with others around.

Yesterday was test result day. Seems I have a bit of a back problem. The Dr. is recommending an epidural steroid injection. Enough of that tale of woe. Back to work.


  1. There is just something about a group of women stitching together - and yes, even when it's more visiting than stitching, that warms our hearts. I come away from my stitching groups with a sense of peace. Over the years we have grown together and now are more family than friends. blessings, marlene

  2. It seams that you have had a great time together. Have a nice day :-)

  3. sorry to hear about your back problem...
    oh nothing like having lunch with quitling friends.
    looks like you were all enjoying yourselves...
    any pictures of what everyone is working on???


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