Monday, February 02, 2009

Reporting In

I haven' been upstairs sewing in the mornings this past week. I have been Suzie Homemaker instead. I got started in the kitchen first. I cleaned the stove. I never seem to be amazed at the little hard to reach areas were things seem to collect. Now it is nice and clean. Or at least it was until I had to cook the next meal.

Refrigerator was next. Now that is pristine. No surprises lurking in the back. There are quite a few items we need to use up and not replace.

Here is the main part. That container on the top shelf next to the margarine has tiny bite sizes of cut up ham and pork chop and cheese. It is sitting there to dry out a bit. Then when it has a sort of crust and no longer sticks together I can put it in a ziploc bag and store it in the freezer. These will be treats for Wade Hamilton when we go to class tomorrow. Our instructor said we needed some really GOOD treats to hold his interest.

And here is the pantry. Let me mention that this is after we bought groceries on Saturday. Not bad. Things here to be used up also. I made a list of what is in there. Even though that net bag hanging on the left contains dog treats, they are not Wade Hamilton's favorites. We use them for reinforcing his training at home. When he goes away he needs something more interesting.
I have some recipes for making special treats and I hope to make a few this afternoon.

I always get the urge to do a bit of seasonal decorating. Yesterday Lem and I bought a few things to brighten the place. All of my decorations are packed but I just had to get a few more.

I couldn't find a centerpiece I liked for the table so this will have to suffice.

And for $2.99 you can't go wrong with this wreath.

I got a couple of plates and glasses for the table but decided I needed napkins and napkin holders. The first impulse was to head back out to shop but I think I can work up something else instead if I look around a bit. I might be able to locate a few things that haven't been packed yet.

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