Tuesday, February 03, 2009

It Takes Me So Long

to accomplish so very little. You can see the date on the sampler and I am just finishing it. It is a cross stitch wedding fraktur for a very dear friend. I like it so much I plan to make one for myself. ( A Pennsylvania German document (as a birth or wedding certificate) that is written in calligraphy and illuminated with decorative motifs (as tulips, birds, and scrolls)

Well, not really. It took some time before I got it to the framers.

While they are great framers they tend to be slow. Fits right in with my personality.

Now I need to find a box, wrap this gift and get it packaged to mail. This has been hanging around since the week after Thanksgiving. I really must do better at getting things done.

Since I did not put this in as a finish last year, I am counting it for this year. It is my list and I can do that if I want to.

I couldn't decide on the best picture so put them all up.


  1. Very pretty, Suze. Who designed this pattern? I love the detail!

  2. Hmmm I used to do cross stitch, my eyes aren't good enough now! Good for you to "get 'er done" Suze!
    Thanks for the blog comment I have to make another of these stained glass because youngest DS loves it too!

  3. Very pretty. Sounds like a great finish for this year to me:)

  4. Suze, they are really going to cherish it. You did an excellant job. I say pat yourself on the back for this one. Hugs & stitches,

  5. That is absolutely breathtaking! It would take me forever (or longer) to do something like that. Its wonderful - congrats on a lovely piece of art.

  6. It is beautiful, and it looks great in any setting.

  7. Worth the wait! For absolutely sure!


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