Saturday, January 24, 2009


I really don't like to do errands in the winter. Too cold to be in and out. BUT..... They must be done.

On the way home from work last Friday I had a flat tire. It had to be replaced. I had the spare put on till Lem and I could decide where to get the tire...... After much checking about we decided to go ahead and get two new ones from Bill's Sunoco.....

Originally I was going to have them put on while I was at breakfast with Joan and Peg. I had called Joan and she was going to collect me from Bill's and take me back after breakfast to get my car. Lem called to make the arrangements. BUT..... He forgot to mention a time and they did not have anyone working until 10:00 AM so that plan fell through.

Plan B was to take my car to get tires while we did the errands and pick it up on the way home.

I got up early, finished the house blessing, completed most of the laundry and we were set to be at Bill's by 10:00 AM.....

Got both doggies in their coats and seatbelts. Headed out to our cars. As I got mine started, Lem blew his horn. His car would not start. We jumped it and began our journey once more.

Well, $126.00 for tires my car and $120.00 for a battery for his car..... Groceries, bank, pet food store, Staples, and CVS.

I came home for a wee toes up.....(nap).................... No sewing to speak of. Just some hand work at night.

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  1. Isn't that the way it goes?!?!? At least you got tires, and hubby got a battery!


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