Friday, December 26, 2008

Trip Home

We started home on Monday. The first leg of the trip went well EXCEPT......................

Lem had pulled a groin muscle and after the first 75 miles I had to drive the rest of the way. Made it to the motel by 5:00 but we were extremely tired. Unloaded the necessities and went to McDonalds for dinner. I am so tired of fast food.

Not much sleep. We were both in distress from sore muscles and did not rest at all. Tuesday morning I started out driving. All was well. We should have been home by 4:45. Good luck. Ran into major traffic after the Tappen Zee Bridge and did not arrive home till 7:00.......... Nine hours to make a six hour trip.

I had to work on Wednesday. Sure would have liked to stay home and recover.

After work we went to the grocery store for Christmas Dinner........... Spent the evening just sitting and relaxing.

Yesterday I actually got some sewing done. Until I went downstairs to cook that is.

We had a delicious dinner and once again did nothing but vegetate.........

Both of the children called.......... A rather pleasant day with Lem and Honey and Wade Hamilton.

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