Saturday, December 06, 2008


8:30 AM

Today is the first day of the Quiltathon. Visit Judy at Patchwork Times to see what everyone is doing today.

I got started early because I have interruptions during the day. I have three goals for the weekend:

Finish the Birthday Siggies (that includes printing the cards and addressing the envelopes)

Make the weighted blanket for Adelaide.

Make the purse for my sister Jean.

I have stamped and painted all the siggies that were left to be done and I have completed January. I only have February, March, April and May left.

I came downstairs for more coffee and to put a load in to wash. After that I will head back to the studio and finish up another month.


House hold duties are still being done but I do pop upstairs from time to time to sew a bit more.

I have February completed now and I am ready to head into March.

Tomorrow is Lem's birthday. While he went out to walk the dog I called the fish market and ordered lobster for his dinner tomorrow. We are going to Provincetown to the studio of Alice Brock. She is the Alice in Alice's Restuarant.

Now off to fix a bite of lunch. Then I have to dress for a book signing. Hope to sew again soon.

Well, this is it....... My stitching for the day..... I only have 8 left to make and 8 wee gifties. I have turned out the lights and I am going to sit and knit and watch Law and Order re-runs till bedtime.

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