Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday morning and so far nothing to take a picture of.

I do have the laundry started and began to go through the email. I got today's e-mail done. Now on to the other 1872 emails.........

I started the day with working on a wedding sampler that should have been done a year ago. I should finish it this week and I sure hope so because I already have an appointment with the framers on Friday.

Now off to another basket of laundry and a bit of house blessing.

Thank you notes are at the top of the list so I will get them done also.

The problem is that I want to do it all...............

Heartstrings sent their newsletter and this was in the letter

Becky Washburn ( is in need of helpers for a special service project. She writes ...
Thank you very much for the free
Mini-Sock pattern. It's very generous of you.
My goal is to knit 850 of them for a very special Engineer Battalion currently deployed in the far out regions of Iraq for Christmas. At least 1/2 of these young men receive no mail or any sign of life from home. More of them than you would think don't get any mail at all. And a small token would mean the world to them. Do you think anyone would be willing to help me? I have a few done but a long way to go. And I know that Christmas will be particularly bleak. I am a friend of their Chaplain and I want them to each have something personal for Christmas, stuffed with a little something.
I have some sport weight and some worsted weight, I just want them to be colorful. They took a picture for me out one of the windows, and all there is for all the distance you can see, is SAND, and MORE SAND.
The mini-socks only have to hold a pack of gum, a couple pieced of candies and a candy cane. The candy cane will be added by the chaplain, from boxes sent, so they don't all break.
I was using the Magic 28 pattern on a larger needle, but I'm using your Mini-sock pattern with worsted weight yarn instead and a larger needle, so they are a bit bigger, and relaxed to fit some fillings. But still small enough.
I hope that I can knit fast. If you know of anyone wishing to help, I would be grateful.

Of course I printed the pattern and will see about making a few of them. I mean, just how long can that take.

Jackie also posted a mini-sweater pattern on her site that is adorable. I can just see a whole tree of them. Now I know what to do with all those bits of sock yarn. If you have never been to her site it is a wonderful place to shop.

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