Tuesday, September 09, 2008

We Are In The Homestretch

This picture is really too dark. I will try for another one later.

We are finally near the end of this adventure. There were days when I doubted we would ever get everything done. At last I can see the end. I might even get to sew again. That too was in doubt.

Vicky came over yesterday afternoon with her staging tips. This morning I got a few things hung in the master bedroom and Lem and I moved a few pieces of furniture.

The electrician was there yesterday and will be back this afternoon to finish up. The painter will have to come again because we changed the light fixtures in the kitchen and dining room and the new one is smaller..........

There is still clearing out and sorting to do but I hope to get at least 9o% done by next Tuesday when the Pickle meets at my house............ Which reminds me, I never posted the pictures of the last Pickle. Let me write that down.

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