Saturday, September 13, 2008

Remember the Blue Room

I finally have one room finished.... well, almost.... there is one more thing to do. I need to hem the curtains. Especially the ones behind the bed because they are on the heat vent and it will soon be cold enough for it to come on again.

So if you remember the BLUE BEDROOM.... Here it is transformed.

The walls aren't really that white. More of a linen color. This is from the hallway looking in.

And from the other side of the room.....

I got all of our folding clothes into these three drawers. It is amazing how much less laundry there is when you have fewer clothes...... But we have all we really need...........

My little duckie is from Rebekah. When you squeeze it flashes colored lights for a few minutes.

The tea cup was made in USSR and was a gift from my dear friend Lu.......

Lem just needs a lamp and a clock.
I added the quilt from my International Round Robin..... Every room needs a splash of color.


  1. What a beautiful room Suze :-)

  2. love it! The quilt adds a lot of color!

  3. It's beautiful, clean and simple with that beautiful punch of color in the quilt. I love the blue and white, too.

  4. Room looks great!


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