Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Instead of Sewing

No sewing for me this week. My assigned task is to clear out the garage. I took these pictures Sunday afternoon and then went in to take a nap. I just could not face it.....

Usually I get up early each morning and sew for an hour before the day begins. This week I have spent that time in the garage. Some progress has been made but not enough. Rachel is coming on Saturday and I hope to have lots for her to take for the sale.

I still have lots of boxes to go through and I really dread the thought. I do know how much better I will feel when this is all done.


  1. I love it..your comment about.."and then I went in a took a nap." We should all take more naps and once I retire I plan to take one every day. You are making great progress on your garage!

  2. You are making lots of progress, and at least it is progress you can see. Hopefully, that will spur you on.


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