Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Report

It appears that I finished step two of Orange Crush just in time. Bonnie posted step three this morning............. I can add that to my May list when I get around to making it.

Here they are. All 142 half four patch units.......... I will be cutting more fabric to feed my bins. I am finally understanding how this works. It sure is fun.

I did not finish the Siggies last night. I need to sew the charms on 25 more and then they will be done.
Here is the stack of completed blocks. I worked on them Saturday when we all got together.

Jean brought her Mystery Quilt to work on. She made two center blocks and used one for the center of the backing. She brought the boards to baste the quilt using the URL Swooze shared on her blog.

It really makes basting so much easier.

Judy came with her Smart Bag. I really need to get one of these completed for my sister. Seems as though that will be another thing to put on the May list.

She even made a Christmas cover. She is such a clever girl.

Okaye, now tilt your head to one side (I forgot to turn the picture before I downloaded it) and look at Eleanor's table runner.

This is the fabric in the center. It goes from walking on the beach in the center to the sky on one side.

Joan finished the eight jackets she was making for the Holly Berry Bazaar. The Ladies Hospital Axillary host the bazaar every other raise money for the hospital.

And here is the whole Gang....... We were helping Jean layer her quilt.......

It was a wonderful day as it always is. I am already looking forward to the gathering in May.


  1. All the quilts are lovely, but I especially like the runner that goes from beach to sky! You are very lucky to have so many friends to share your love of quilting with.

  2. It sounds as if you all had great fun. I like the bag - why is is smart? Good luck with the new quilt-a-long.

  3. I missed you all. I enjoyed making the angel with Carol Ayotte. Everyone 's projects look great. What a great group. See you at quilt guild.


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