Monday, April 14, 2008

Two Things

Thing One

Since I gave up the table in the living room that my computer was on, I have had difficulty keeping up with my computer tasks.............

WELL.............. Today is a good day........ Last week Lem surprised me with a new computer. I got a Gateway C-141XL tablet. It has been sitting there waiting for Rebekah to send an extension cable so that I can sit in my comfy (almost) chair and surf........ Naturally I have a deadline looming but you can bet your bottom dollar I will play with it for a little tonight regardless.

Thing Two

Judy at Patchwork Times has issued a challenge designed to help us use our fabric on hand. Most people have Stash.......... I seen the pictures, some people have lots of STASH....

My stash is organized just a bit differently. I see a quilt pattern and I want to make THAT quilt. I hurry along to my LQS and purchase the fabric I need. I bring the fabric home and carefully wash it, iron it and then place it into a plastic tote or ziploc bag with the instructions or a note saying which book it is from. Now that is not really stash as such. It is "Quilts I Plan to Make" or as Patty at 'Quilting is My Passion' says HSY's - Haven't Started Yet. I can't just pull fabric from my stash because it already has a purpose.

There is the "General Population" fabric but that is either very small pieces or enough for backing. That is what I use for my scrap quilts or what I will use when I get around to making my scrap quilts.

In order be able to participate in this challenge I am setting the goal of finishing a quilt top each month this year. I am gearing up to learn to machine quilt so I will add the goal of completing at least 6 quilts this year............... hmmmm.. perhaps I am over reaching but just think oh all the grand times I am going to have while trying................


  1. That's just my way of thinking too - though you sound more organised than I am. I love to plan for a quilt, rather than just to buy fabric for no particular purpose. Good luck with the new computer. I love my Mac laptop that my husband bought me for a retirement present.

  2. Now those goals are great! I too tend to think as projects and not yards. And a top a month, can you think how good that will feel at the end of the year??


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