Sunday, April 20, 2008

Stash Report

No picture at this time but I will take one later...... It is Sunday and time for my Stash Report. As I mentioned earlier, I am more of a 'project' person. I agreed to attempt to complete at least one quilt top each month from my 'project' stash.

I am pleased to report that the log cabin quilt I began on April 8th is now complete.

I cannot start another one yet. I have two swap deadlines that must be met. Then I will begin the next quilt top 'project'....

I have three to choose from.

1 - Triple Irish Chain

2 - Taupe quilt

3 - Four Stack Posy

Decisions, decisions, decisions........................


  1. I know my vote doesn't count, but I'd love to see 4 stack posey!!!

  2. Triple Irish Chains are always awesome. I'm really envious of your commitment to reducing your stash. I'm trying but don't have the organization to keep an accurate tally.

  3. Triple Irish Chain. It's on my to-do list...pretty close to the top.


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