Sunday, April 13, 2008

Reporting In

Yesterday I finished up my Quiltathon at Vickie's. More on that tomorrow.... She helped me pin the siggy quilt from 2005. That was my first year and I have been hooked since. The plan is for me to machine quilt it as soon as I get all the siggies made and mailed for this year.

Today I finished the blocks for my log cabin quilt. All 44 are done. Perhaps soon I can get this one put together.........

I also have 30 siggies complete......... All but signing, heat setting and sewing on the charm. I have 45 that I should finish painting tonight. That will put me over the half way mark.

Now for my Stash Busting report.............

I actually used 15 yards of fabric from my collection this week. Wow..... Now if I get backings pieced I can really get some yardage used.


  1. Well done. Love you siggie blocks.

  2. The quilt looks lovely - but what exactly are 'siggies'?


Thank you for your comment.......

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