Thursday, April 24, 2008

Progress to Date

I feel like I might be making some progress. I still only have 75 (of the required 135) siggies painted and sewn. I do have 45 with the hard part painted so I feel pretty good about that. I am planning to take them with me Saturday and sew on the charms at the gathering.

I made 6 more blocks for the Nifty Fifty Swap. Remember , the first 6 got lost in the mail. I still have to sign them. I will want to practise the autograph a bit first. I really don't want to have to make these darlings over again.

This morning I headed downstairs to see what trouble I could get into. I am finally getting a clear idea of how Bonnie Hunter's Scrap System works. I set it up in my studio several years ago but I did not feed the drawers very much. Basically I just kept on making quilts from purchased fabric but I will not put it in the scrap heap until the quilt is finished. Since I have so few actually ready to use there isn't much in my bins.

When I began the Orange Crush I thought I would have to feed the bins but I found enough of the darks I needed. How blessed I am to have Peg as a friend. She got the Easy Angle for me and that made cutting the pieces for this quilt so much easier.

Here are my fabrics all cut and ready for assembly. I should finish step two in no time.

I found that I was running low on light 2 inch scraps........ Some time last year I had purchased 1 yard each of 10 different lights from Thousands of Bolts because I had so few creams and off whites to work with. I pressed eight pieces of it and trimmed two inch strips off of 8 of them. While they were on the cutting board, I cut two 1 1/2 inch strips off of all eight of them. I had already gotten out the red and green fabric I had purchased to make my Christmas Nine Patch because I lost the cream fabric I needed for my leader/ender project and was going to work on the nine patch until the fabric rose to the surface.

It took no time to grab those 8 red fabrics and cut two 1/2 inch strips from them. Then I cut five 2 inch strips from another red. Voila............ I have cut the strips for another log cabin. I thought since I had one finished for Judy's challenge, I could start on one like hers.

I still have a few more days to wait for the poll to close on which quilt to make next. In the meantime, I uncovered my Dear Jane stash and pulled the page for this weeks block. Since they have their own Baby Jane Blog with complete instructions, who knows, I might actually make one of these quilts.


  1. OC is looking good...I'm working on clue 2 too. Do join in with Baby Jane... it's fun to make the quilt along with friends like the mystery quilt.

  2. I haven't come across the Baby Jane site before. I've been thinking about starting, so this might just be the nudge I need.


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