Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Challenge and a Finish

If you have been out and about in blogland you might know that Judy of Sunshine Quilts has invited us to join her in building a log cabin............ Naturally I want to be part of that group too. That is the problem, I want to do it all.

Now to the next challenge. Do I want to shop for fabric? NO........ I am moving remember?

How about cutting some of that red fabric I bought for my red and green quilt. I finally have some neutrals stashed for just this type of occasion but do I want to dip into the fabrics alloted for another project?

While trying to make a decision I noticed the basket containing the fabrics for this log cabin quilt.

I purchased this large print floral several years ago and looked for some time for the right quilt to use it in. This one seems to fit the bill perfectly.

OH..........I just realized that the colors are terrible in that photo but you get the idea.......

I also took the time this morning to get a picture of the last beading session. Now perhaps I can get that ring in the mail to my mother.


  1. stop by Friday post a special treat for ya.

  2. Such pretty fabric choices for your log cabin. And pretty bead work! I just gave all my beads away to the folks making earrings to sell for American Heart Wish I had kept a few, yours are so pretty!

  3. Your color choices for the log cabin look great. The floral will look wonderful with those cheery colors.


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