Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunday Evening

Unsewing complete...... Ready for stitching tomorrow. Just not up to it today.

I wanted a change so I made a few bracelets instead. There was one more just like the top one but I gave it to Lu when she stopped by.

Thanks for all the fun at the Quiltathon.................


  1. I LOVE that ladybug bracelet! Do you sell them? How can I get one? Or two?

  2. Those bracelets are adorable! I'm tagging you, see my blog please!

  3. The bracelets are so cute! NO!! You're not going to convince me to take up another hobby! Remember that it was YOU who got me started on this sock knitting kick. :)

  4. can you please send me your address? you won a little giveaway on my blog. (for participating in the quilt-a-long)


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