Sunday, March 02, 2008

Stash Report

I had the opportunity yesterday to participate in a little shopping. Since I keep a folder with quilt ideas and such it is easy to go on the spur of the moment.

This sheet has been in the folder for almost a year but I never found what I wanted. Yesterday was the day.......

This is what I came home with. Quite the departure from my usual choices and I am not sure how it will turn out but time will tell.

After checking in yesterday morning I found this quilt at The Calico Cat and immediately thought this would be perfect for my brother.

Vickie was making a quit using the colors in the strip on the left. It seemed perfect so she gave a slice to me to use for color choices.

I also picked up these fabrics. The fat quarter on top has great color that does not show up well in the picture. It might end up as a purse because I really like it.

The blue is to make mug bags for the Saturday Sewing Society.

The pink is backing for a quilt for Mama and the others just spoke to me.

Lets just say that I added more yards than I used and leave it at that.

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  1. Love your purchases! So it wasn't a perfect stashBUSTING but on the plus side once you start cutting into each fabric you WILL be busting stash! (who cares about the silly logistics? Once it goes on your shelf it becomes stash. Take it back off and viola'! you're stashbusting!!!!!) Great logic huh!


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